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Welcome to the best pizzeria bar in Greenwich.

Castellano's Pizza is a family business with a long history of artisanal cuisine, specializing in pizzas of all kinds. We cater to everyone eager to savour the wide range of tastes that are our speciality.

The manufacture and flavour of our pizzas with years of experience and the magic touch of our best pizza chefs, Adrian and Rodrian, will delight you with their brightness and taste.
Special offers

Accompany your lunch or dinner with our rock bands and live music; we will be the pizzeria with which you enjoy a glorious moment full of joy and flavour.

We have the best variety of pizzas for your taste. Handmade. Together with your idea, we can make your pizza with your unique flavor., Making your taste a marvel. Ask for our authentic gluten free pizza base.

Come and enjoy a beautiful dinner with your company. You can also enjoy everything you need to celebrate your birthday in style. Check the capacity in the restaurant of your choice and bring all your friends

Weekly we will be giving you some reasonable offers for your purchases of combos and specialties and enjoy the best flavors of our faci

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