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Who are we?
What is our variety of services?
You are more than welcome to visit us and share your time here with your friends and family.
Castellano's Pizza is a family business with a long history of artisanal cuisine, specializing in pizzas of all kinds. We cater to everyone eager to savour the wide range of tastes that are our speciality.
Our recipes are authentic, original, and remarkable. They are backed on the Italian characteristics & attributes that have maintained the fresh flavour of the traditional Pizza throughout the years.
For all generations, the atmosphere reflects the touch of the medieval era, combining the old and new-fashioned styles and delivering a new concept of a Pizza Restaurant as a warm & hospitable environment where you will love to come back regularly once you have revelled in the surroundings and sampled our dishes.
Castellano's Pizza offers our clients a delightful & exquisite venue for all occasions, with music, live football matches, a friendly approach, and more.
Don't hesitate even for a moment! Come and enjoy all that's heavenly & that you'll only find with us.
Experience the difference!



Contact us to book a table for any occasion. We accept reservations for up to 20 people.

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